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4 weeks | over 50 juices, almond milks, soup & more! Only $399

I made it over the hill! #FORTYANDFABULOUS!! 🙂

Thank you to those of you who turned out in December for Feel Good 40! What a dedicated bunch! As a result of so many incredible success stories and overall FEEL GOOD experiences by our clients, I’m keeping this offering available. And, I’m keeping the same, super special price. It’s an incredible package for anyone looking to jump start healthier eating habits, shed weight, curb cravings, or simply not have to worry about cooking every. single. meal. The variety of juices, soups, almond milks & more that you receive each week makes for an easy and effective way to replace meals with nourishing plant-based beverages and reduce your weekly caloric intake.  Skip to the bottom for all the program details —>

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I’m turning 40! 

My birthday is coming up on January 1st, (yes, New Year’s Day!) I’m feeling mixed about entering this next decade, but choosing to not focus on my age, but to focus on how I feel. With everything that has been going on, it’s understandable that many of us are not feeling our best. Coping with weight gain and stress is a challenge, but as I keep reminding myself, “We CAN do hard things!” I believe we can change how we feel and transform our bodies with commitment and consistency. 

I created the FEEL GOOD 40 Challenge to be hard, but not too hard. I want us all to succeed so here we go…

Over the course of 4 weeks, imagine drinking 50 of your favorite CAN CAN juices, warming soups, and delicious almond milks (approx 12 jars per week). Sounds good, right? Then, imagine doing 40 jumping jacks a day between Zoom meetings or before bed. Doable, yes? Great, because this is part of the challenge. 1120 jumping jacks in 4 weeks 🙂 Do even more if you can!

I want this to be a positive experience during the holiday season. I believe that if you commit to joining me, we can break bad habits and bring on the good habits.

Honestly, committing to and completing this Challenge is the best gift you can give yourself (and me!) Staying positive and healthy is more important than ever right now. I truly believe this 4 week program will make a difference!

Challenge Details:

Start any week! Choose your first delivery date when you check out online and then look for an email to coordinate remaining deliveries.

4 Weeks. 1 delivery per week*

12-14 jars each week (Teresa’s weekly selection ex: ~ 3 green juices, 3 seasonal fruit juices, 3 soups/broth, 3 almond milks/chia pudding)**

How it works: Consume any 3 jars per day, 4 days a week. Or, spread the jars out over 4 or 5 days depending on what works for you. Jars should serve as meals and snack replacements. The goal is to reduce your weekly caloric intake and help promote weight loss.

Exercise: 40 jumping jacks per day for 4 weeks. Or, 4 sets of 10 push-ups, 40 mins of walking, jogging, biking (any moderate exercise). The goal is to move your body at home or outside every day of the challenge.

This is my gift to you!
(SAVE $100)


*Select your first delivery date and an email will be sent to coordinate details including what a menu of the juices, soups, almond milks   to expect each week as well as the delivery schedule for the duration of the program.

**Stick to Teresa’s weekly selections that will feature the “best of” CAN CAN flavors or after your order is place, we are happy to discuss customizing your weekly selection. Note: we are always happy to accommodate allergies & intolerances. teresa@cancancleanse.com 


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